My name is Zdenka Bočková

I was born in former Czechoslovakia.

Originally I was fashion, a textile designer with a passion for colours and natural materials especially linen. I ran almost 20 years my own design studio, production and shop. I was focused on clients with more or less alternative view of life, who preferred unique style out of consuming and commercial mainstream. I have fallen in love with patchwork. I used this technic to design original clothes and also for interior accessories.

As an introverted and oversensitive child, I had difficulty dealing with hypocritical and oppressive surroundings in which I grew up. My response according to my nature has been a quest for authenticity and integrity. This quest shifted me into a deep spiritual quest and has become my major life theme. All my life I follow my urge to live true meaningful life. This desire leads me on a spiritual path. Personal development, travelling, dance, meditation, journaling, craft and expression with art become a part of my journey.

My aim is to express myself truly and honestly and this way inspire the others.