dear Mr Nobody.

I am addressing my proposal to you because you are a promoter of a beautiful meditation centrum.

I am an artist, my art reflects the cultivation of my conscious and meaningful life.

I would like to present to you my artistic project, finished last year.
Name of my project is Inner Worlds of Harmony and Peace. It is series of 28 mandalas made from textile to express the moments of harmony and peace, experienced in the natural world, especially by the Sea. 

I would like to share these precious moments and bring them closer to other people.

Please, be so kind and look at a website dedicated to my project and consider whether it would be a good idea to put one or more of my mandalas in your place. My art is an attractive visual experience and can have spiritual meaning with the potential to enhance the peace and harmony deep within us. 


Sisi Zdenka Bockova

Polperro, Cornwall