Why harmony and peace? 

I moved to Cornwall from the Czech Republic more than two years ago. I wanted to refresh my life. I needed to find a new vision for my second half of life.

I have fined fresh air and infinite ocean. I can sit on stones which are here thousand years before me and can feel the sunshine. I have thought to shift my attention to what is changeless. I have discovered space of harmony and peace inside me which is the same changeless as elements around me.This unity experience has opened an access to my own inner wisdom.

I began to create mandalas as my offering, my expression of gratitude for my reconnection with this essential powers.

Finally, I have created 28 mandalas. Textile pictures, all the same size and the same pattern but different colours.I wanted express feelings, vibrations of harmony and peace which I was experiencing.

Mandalas are energetic objects and everyone has their own vibration and each of them can lend you to your own world of harmony, peace and unity. This connection teaches us the essential truth about human beings.

 In this moment a concept in our contemporary society about separateness can be broken down. 

October 2017